There Are

Of Us*

Without us the internet would not exist.
Together we make the Internet


Because we can easily distribute
the content we create.

I am passionate about the Internet and I am willing to fight to keep it a free and open place. My interests are broad and include the Creative Commons, Open Source, supporting new payment and content distribution systems, building better collaborative tools, and improving internet access speeds. I'm a professional designer and themer with some some useful hobbies like server administration, learning python, drawing, and online activism.

I've run a freelance design studio from for nine years. I also currently contract as a webdesigner, strategist & artist with several companies including Prophet, CivicActions, and Engient.

I've got a lot of interest invested in this place we call the Internet. If you want to work with me to keep it amazing, please reach out.

*This is really just a rough estimate. Maybe even a guestimate. For more accurate estimates check out here, here, or here.